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Talk at IG4DS - "Information Geometry of Reversible Markov Chains" [ Slides ]
Tutorial at SMILES 2020: Learning with Bayesian Principles.
Tutorial at SMILES 2020: Sequential Prediction Problems.

Humans, animals, and other living beings have a natural ability to autonomously learn throughout their lives and quickly adapt to their surroundings, but computers lack such abilities. Our goal is to bridge such gaps between the learning of living-beings and computers. We are machine learning researchers with an expertise in areas such as approximate inference, Bayesian statistics, continuous optimization, information geometry, etc. We work on a variety of learning problems, especially those involving supervised, continual, active, federated, online, and reinforcement learning. Please check out research and publications pages for a more exhaustive overview.

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July 10, 2024

Our paper Variational Learning is Effective for Large Neural Networks is highlighted at ICML 2024 as a spotlight. If you are at ICML, please make sure to check it out! Before heading to ICML in Vienna, Thomas Möllenhoff is giving four talks on the work:

Also check out our blog post, PyTorch optimizer and code for reproducing the experiments from the paper.

June 12, 2024

We are holding the 2nd Bayes-duality workshop 2024 (June 12-21), focusing on the design of AI that learns adaptively, robustly, and continually, like humans. Part 1 of the workshop is open to the public (through live streaming) and will feature 26 talks, 7hrs of tutorials, and panel discussions by world-leading researchers working on related topics. Register here

June 07, 2024

Our paper Variational Learning is Effective for Large Neural Networks is now published at ICML 2024. Also check out our blog post for additional remarks and explanations and find the code here.

June 05, 2024

Hugo Monzon and Thomas Möllenhoff are giving poster presentations at the RIKEN-LAMDA workshop in Nanjing, China.

June 04, 2024

Thomas Möllenhoff gave a guest talk at SambaNova Systems on model merging.

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