Current Team Members

The Approximate Bayesian Inference Team is a diverse group of people that encourages a multi-cultural environment. We think this is a key ingredient for any successful workplace, even more so for research. We are committed to establishing a welcoming environment for people of any background, and as such we encourage applications from any minority.

If you are interested in joining us, please check the news for open positions or see here for available RIKEN programmes.

Wu Lin

PhD Student
University of British Columbia

Peter Nickl

Research Assistant

Ang Mingliang

Remote Collaborator
National University of Singapore


Research Scientists

Name Dates
Pierre Alquier 08/19-12/22


Name Dates
Jooyeon Kim 12/21-03/23
Xiangming Meng 07/19-03/20
Hongyi Ding 07/19-01/20

Research Assistants

Name Dates
Dharmesh Tailor 07/19-07/21
Vincent Tan 05/19-01/20
Si Kai Lee 12/17-08/18
Didrik Nielsen 03/17-08/18
Nicolas Hubacher 01/17-12/17

Part-Time Students

Name Dates Affliation
Fariz Ikhwantri 07/20-03/21 Tokyo Institute of Technology

Interns / Trainees / Remote Collaborators / Rotation Students

Name Dates Affliation
Ramansh Sharma 07/22-05/23 The University of Utah
Alexandre Piché 09/20-05/23 MILA
Erik Daxberger 06/20-05/23 University of Cambridge
Kenneth Chen 07/22-09/22 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Ali Unlu 04/22-09/22 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Siddharth Swaroop 11/18-06/22 University of Cambridge
Tojo Rakotoaritina 03/22-06/22 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
David Tomàs Cuesta 03/22-06/22 Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Ted Tinker 08/21-12/21 Rotation Student, Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology
Evgenii Egorov 06/20-07/21 Skoltech
Dimitri Meunier 05/20-06/21 ENSAE Paris
Peter Nickl 09/20-04/21 TU Darmstadt
Lucie Perrotta 09/19-03/20 EPFL, Switzerland
Alexander Immer 03/19-03/20 EPFL, Switzerland
Kazuki Osawa 11/19-02/20 Tokyo Tech
Farzaneh Mahdisoltani 09/19-02/20 UToronto and Vector Institute, Canada
Roman Bachmann 07/19-02/20 EPFL, Switzerland
Michael Przystupa 07/19-12/19 UBC Vancouver
Anshuk Uppal 06/19-12/19 IIIT Bangalore
Maciej Korzepa 02/19-12/19 DTU, Copenhagen
Matthias Bauer 09/19-10/19 Max-Planck Institute
Mark Goldstein 06/19-09/19 NYU
Pingbo Pan 05/19-09/19 UT Sydney
Pierre Orenstein 05/19-09/19 Ecole des Ponts ParisTech
Benjamin Bray 05/19-08/19 Georgia Tech
Ehsan Abedi 03/19-08/19 EPFL, Switzerland
Anirudh Jain 12/18-07/19 ISM, India
Anand Subramanian 02/19-05/19 JAIST, Japan
Runa Eschenhagen 10/18-05/19 University of Osnabrück, Germany
Jiaxin Shi 07/18-09/18 Tsinghua University
Ohiremen Dibua 07/18-08/18 Stanford University
Frederik Kunster 02/18-08/18 EPFL, Switzerland
Hanna Tseran 11/17-08/18 University of Tokyo
Aaron Mishkin 01/18-06/18 UBC
Zuozhu Liu 06/17-12/17 SUTD
Vaden Masrani 05/17-10/17 UBC
Salma El Aloui 06/17-09/17 École Polytechnique
Kimia Nadjahi 05/17-09/17 ENS Cachan
Arnaud Robert 10/16-04/17 EPFL, Switzerland