List of Publications

Early Drafts/Preprints

  • Scalable Marginal Likelihood Estimation for Model Selection in Deep Learning,
    (Preprint) A. Immer, M. Bauer, V. Fortuin, G. Rätsch, M. E. Khan [arXiv]
  • Tractable structured natural gradient descent using local parameterizations,
    (Preprint) W. Lin, F. Nielsen, M. E. Khan, M. Schmidt [arXiv]
  • Deviation inequalities for stochastic approximation by averaging,
    (Preprint) X. Fan, P. Alquier, P. Doukhan [arXiv]
  • Tight Risk Bound for High Dimensional Time Series Completion,
    (Preprint) P. Alquier, N. Marie, A. Rosier [arXiv]
  • Meta-strategy for Learning Tuning Parameters with Guarantees,
    (Preprint) D. Meunier, P. Alquier [arXiv]
  • Estimation of Copulas via Maximum Mean Discrepancy,
    (Preprint) P. Alquier, B.-E. Chérief-Abdellatif, A. Derumigny, J.-D. Fermanian [arXiv]
  • Non-exponentially weighted aggregation: regret bounds for unbounded loss functions,
    (Preprint) P. Alquier [arXiv]
  • Universal Robust Regression via Maximum Mean Discrepancy,
    (Preprint) P. Alquier, M. Gerber [arXiv]
  • Learning Algorithms from Bayesian Principles,
    (Early draft, Work in progress) M.E. Khan, H. Rue [Draft version]
  • Finite sample properties of parametric MMD estimation: robustness to misspecification and dependence,
    (To appear in Bernoulli) B.E. Chérief-Abdellatif, P. Alquier [arXiv]